• Image of Group Distance Healing 9/20

The 3rd Wednesday of every Month from 6:30-7:00pm PST, I will be doing a 30 min group distance Healing for a limited amount of participants!
You can tune in at that time or go about your evening as usual. You will be sent Distance Energy healing to bring balance and clarity. I will email all participants before and after the session.
A great way to get a little boost of energy every month without committing to a full formal session!
Want to get on a consistent Healing schedule? There are subscription options below you can sign up through THIS LINK HERE

Energy Boost- $10
You will automatically receive the group distance healing every month with follow up email of the session.

Animal Allies (limited subscriptions available)- $25
same as energy boost but you will receive a personal animal spirit guide that is working with you at that time and receive an email of the messages and medicines that animal brings you specifically and how you can work with it along with a medicine wheel one card reading so you know where to focus your energies for the month.

Full Support (VERY limited available)- $45
Energy Boost + Animal Allies + a one on one Skype/face time 30 min. reading where I will provide personal support which will be custom tailored to fit the needs of the individual. ($75 value)