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I've been asked when I will be teaching a Master class for a long time now and the timing never felt right and as you know I always trust my gut! 
well....it feels right NOW! 2018 is pulling me into a big picture leadership role that focuses on all of my skills coming together rather than keeping it all separate. So it feels ceremonial passing the Reiki Master torch onto my students and closing this chapter that I began 7 years ago so a new one can begin. I will still be teaching Reiki, but the structure will be changing, it'll make more sense when I announce whats happening in the fall. 
This may be my only group Master teacher class for atleast a year or two so if you have been feeling called to step up into a teacher role or even just take your Reiki to the next level- then this class is for you! I have attuned over 100 souls to Tera Mai Seichem Reiki and feel so honored to pass this knowledge on to others to attune. 
Becoming a Master/Teacher is a big honor and responsibility! You are energetically connected to everyone you attune so only take this class if you feel ready to manage that kind of energy and called to it. Not everyone needs to become a Master or teacher! Close your eyes and put your left hand on your heart- what does it say? is this right for you?
All the info is below..please let me know if you have any questions xo 

Here is what you will learn-

Your Reiki Lineage, each teacher you are connected to all the way back to Dr. Usui
2 Reiki Master power symbols 
Psychic Surgery
Using Reiki to clear a space/home
Basic Sound healing
Basic Crystal healing
Attunement Blessings for people and places- Christ light and Planetary healing
Connecting to your Reiki spirit guide
How to attune others to Reiki 1, 2 and Master levels
Class structure for teaching others and ethics
How to Attune others to the Violet flame and YOD


- Must be attuned to Reiki 1 and 2 (doesn't have to be with me or Tera Mai Seichem)
- Must be practicing Reiki for atleast a year
-Must be able to draw the Reiki level 2 symbols from memory

Exhange- $888

* $444 deposit to hold your spot- (can be made in two installments of $222, 1st due by the end of this month- 2nd due before the end of Oct.)
The remaining $444 is due 12/2.