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I usually only do Soul Retrieval in my private one on one sessions but feel called to offer this in a intimate group setting (only 5 participants!). This ceremony is meant to give you a more active role in this healing process as you also hold space for others. You will be doing some shamanic journeying under my guidance, connecting with your guides and inner child, receiving a soul retrieval from me and working on rooting these new soul parts on your own once the ceremony is over .Please Bring a journal and pen, blindfold,and a drum or rattle if you have one.

Read more about soul retrieval below!

When we experience trauma- physical or emotional- a little piece of our soul flees to protect itself. If this wound is never properly healed the soul piece does not return and our essence and vitality grows weaker- we are not whole. This is what we call "Soul Loss", it is soul fragmentation to avoid the pain we feel when the initial wound happened. It is a defense mechanism meant to protect us but over a lifetime of not healing these wounds we end becoming adults who are not whole because so many soul pieces have fragmented and left. Some causes of soul lose are-

Any form of abuse, e.g. sexual, emotional, physical or mental.

An event of prolonged grief, pain and fear that made you feel helpless or impotent.

Deep-seated addictions e.g. substance dependency.

A near-death or out-of-body experience.

Being forced to act against your morals.

An experience of intense rejection or abandonment.

Witnessing the unexpected death of someone.

A sudden and shocking accident.

Entering a relationship without strong boundaries of Self (resulting in an unhealthy relationship and losing your personal power).

In a Soul retrieval ceremony, the shamanic healer goes into an altered state and journeys to find the soul piece that most needs to return to that person and returns the essence by blowing it into the crown and heart. Then performs healing to help the soul piece integrate into the energy field again. Since we live in a culture that runs from pain and does not practice this type of healing as a community, most people have multiple missing soul pieces (I have had MANY soul retrievals myself and still keep finding missing fragments!) Some of the benefits of a Soul Retrieval ceremony are


Feeling more grounded in our body and more “solid”

Feeling energized, awake, and more alive

Greater presence in the world

More awareness of our choices, behaviors and decisions

Lightness and joy

Awareness of huge amounts of energy you didn’t know you had

Mental clarity and a new sense of hope

Physical well being and less sickness

A sense of purpose and renewed direction

Deeper sleep

Overcoming addictive dependencies (drugs, food, work)

A new-found wholeness and sense of belonging