Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants which interact with our subtle bodies- our life force energy, emotions and spiritual essence, and evoke specific qualities within us. I decided to work with the flowers I connect with everyday in my own backyard. I collected and infused these flowers through a carefully guided process and let them sit in the sun and under the Moon cycle that compliments each flower's qualities. They are also infused with Reiki energy, natural Spring water and Brandy for preservation.
Essences can be taken under the tongue 3 times a day or in a glass of water.

All Flower essences come in a 1/2 oz light protection glass bottle with dropper and instructions. (Flower essences do not have scent!)

//White Oleander made under the Full moon in Scorpio\\

The essential purpose of white Oleander flower essence is to channel and focus light. It surrounds us in its sweetness, encouraging us to be in a space of love and to act from this space rather than from fear. White Oleander also teaches one to draw clean cut clear boundaries.
It is very helpful with Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.
*oleander is toxic to consume but is perfectly safe as a energetic flower essence*

//Morning Glory Essence made under the half Moon in Leo\\

The Morning Glory essence is for sparkling life force, to awaken and freshen, joyful receptivity, an enthusiastic embrace of all of life's possibilities.
It is good for those that feel dull, toxic, or “hung over,” inability to fully enter the body, especially in the morning; addictive or erratic living habits that deplete life force. Morning Glory flower essence helps the soul come to greater awareness and respect for life and the life process of the body.

//Jacaranda Essence made under the Half Moon in Leo\\

The Jacaranda essence is for focus, follow through, decisiveness and mental peace. It is good for those who are always starting projects but rarely finish them and are easily distracted. For those that have great difficulty in making decisions and are constantly changing their minds. Helps with the throat and third eye chakra imbalances.

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